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What Are The Differences Between Drone and Coastal Prints; Northern Beaches?

Drone and coastal prints are undeniably becoming increasingly more popular in today’s modern world and it’s easy to see why; with all encompassing views of stunning beaches and the mobility to get the perfect shot to take you breath away, it’s no wonder this form of photography is popular. But what exactly are the differences between drone prints and coastal prints? After all, whilst they inhabit the same sphere of photography, they are anything but identical. This distinction only grows when you take into account their uses to capture the pristine wonder of NSW’s Northern Beaches.

The Main Distinction:

We’ll start with the basics. A drone print is exactly what it sounds like: a photograph taken from the view of a drone, piloted by the professional photographer close by. Typically, this results in a bird’s eye view of Northern Beach; an angle staring straight down, from a significant airborne height that usually fits most, if not all, of the beach into the shot.

The coastal print, however, is a much more traditional, down-to-earth shot of the beach.

Typically, a coastal print is photographed from an advantageous position along the beach, such as a sand dune, hill, or outcrop that allows the photographer to fit a large swathe of the Northern Beaches into his/her shot. This angle differs from the drone shot significantly, as the coastal print will be on a much more eye-level height with the beach. Coastal prints will also have a little more leeway in terms of taste and creativity. The photographer may opt, for example, to take the shot from a clearing along the pathway to the beach, from the balcony of a nearby apartment or even from a pier that juts out into the water.

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Advantages Of Both:

As mentioned before, both drone prints and coastal prints offer distinctively different advantages. In most cases neither one is truly better than the other and so it will be up to you to decide which one suits your taste better. Northern beaches drone photography prints are unique in that they offer a view of your very own favourite Northern Beaches view that you’ve likely never seen before.

Furthermore, the drone print typically shows the whole beach, and this scope is hard to beat. The ocean itself features heavily in these shots, sometimes taking up as much as half of the shot to offer a variety of contrasts. Lastly, perhaps the biggest advantage of drone shots, is that they can go where no normal photographer could. An isolated beach that is arduous and time-consuming to get to, a rocky outcrop that is too far or too dangerous to climb, or a lonely island out of reach; with the mobility and reach of drones, you can safely capture a breathtaking print of Northern Beaches no one has ever heard of before.

A coastal print offers the same breathtaking beauty of your local Northern Beaches, but in a different light. The photographer’s creativity and flair can really come in to play with these prints. As the shot is taken much closer up, any manner of objects, people, buildings or flora can be as either a complimentary or central subject for the coastal print. This allows the photographer to tell a story and really accentuate the close-up beauty of the beach. A wooden walkway leading through the sand dunes, or a surfboard rack flanked by palm trees – a coastal print leads to a more personal experience. Whilst drone prints and coastal prints concerning the Northern Beaches are varied and offer distinct differences, your choice is made easy by one fact: the beauty and magnificence of the Northern Beaches is effortlessly captured by both drone and coastal prints.


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