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Top Three Things to Look for When Purchasing A Northern Beaches Drone and Coastal Print

New South Wales' Northern Beaches are the subject of countless drone and coastal prints. The splendour and captivating beauty of the beach is the envy of photographers everywhere. It’s no surprise then that this beach in particular is one of the most photographed beaches in the world and Drone and Coastal prints are large in number; but how can you make sure to choose the perfect one for you? Well, we’ve got three tips to ensure you make the right choice.

Let The Drone Shot Focus

Due to the sheer scope of a drone shot and the oftentimes large number of subjects that can be fit into a single print, it’s fairly easy for a drone print to encompass a little too much. Sometimes, there is no use in fitting the ocean, beach, headland, road, city, and countless other subjects if all you really wanted was the beach itself. This is where focusing comes into play; a professional drone print should look for a something that stands out of place in the crowded landscape and place it in one of three intersecting points. This accentuates the focused subject and allows the rest of the print to build itself outwards drawing your eye rather than crowding it.

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Lines In The Sand

This leads nicely into our second point, which applies directly to both coastal and drone prints of Northern Beaches: look for a print that utilises the artful taste of lines. This can be the horizon, the point at which the water meets the sand, a road, a sand dune or any number of natural subjects. The important thing to remember is that a proper line definition doesn’t sever the image, or necessarily separate two subjects; instead, a line in the print should distinguish two subjects, making them relative but also distinct. This gives your drone or coastal print a starting point for the eye, and there’s nowhere better to start than the Northern beaches.

Celebrate The Story Of An Image

Our third tip primarily concerns coastal prints and that is to look for a print that tells a story and celebrates the richness of the Northern beaches. Coastal prints have an advantage over drone prints as they can focus on the closeness of a subject, such as a palm tree, beached boat, surfer or wildlife, and build the rest of the print around this subject. For example, a deserted pier can offer a more sentimental feeling when viewing it, as opposed to a local surfer running to the waves – which invokes excitement. Regardless of the subject, a story and close-up subject offer a richness to your Northern Beaches coastal print.

The Real Secret Of Northern Beaches Photography

We hope that these three tips have given you an idea of what to look for when considering a drone or coast print of the Northern beaches. Whilst we encourage you to keep these ideas in mind, the true beauty of Northern Beaches drone and coastal prints is that you simply can’t go wrong.

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