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Why Are Northern Beaches Drone Photography and Coastal Prints So Popular?

Drone prints and coastal prints have exploded in popularity in recent years and it’s almost impossible to find an office or home that doesn’t own one of these stunning décor items. This is particularly true for coastal and drone prints of Northern Beaches; it’s hard to find a more spectacular series of beaches that transfer so effortlessly onto print. But why exactly are drone and coastal prints of northern beaches so popular, and what contributed to their recent rise in the world of photography and in-house décor?

The Method Behind The Drone Popularity:

First up are drone prints and it’s not hard to see why they are one of, if not the most, popular ways to capture the splendour of Northern Beaches. Due to the tropical nature of Northern beaches, its fairly common that each one will possesses a variety of local flora, animals, waves, headlands and pristine waters that any photographer will undoubtably want to capture – the catch, however, is managing to fit all of that into one print. This is where the drone print comes into play: due to the advantageous height and altitude at which a drone can photograph, the drone print will effortlessly fit anything and everything into frame, and this allows for a more complete image of your favourite northern beach.

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The drone’s mobility is also one of it’s main advantages and likely a predominant reason for its surge in popularity. All a photographer need to is choose a landing area near to him/her, initiate lift-off, and then any rocky outcrop, hill, island or natural landscape that had previously proven impossible or too arduous to traverse is not suddenly open for photography. Shots that should be impossible are now well within your grasp – meaning that some drone shots of your northern beach can the first of their kind.

Coastal Print; Traditional and Creative:

Coastal prints are the more traditional route of northern beach photography, as opposed to drone prints, however, they have their own reasons too for immense popularity. Due to the proximity of the photographer with his or her environment and focus, they can elicit a more personal tone from their photo; this in turn allows the print to inspire more than just the beach. This can be in the form of a wooden pier jutting out into the ocean, local cafes, close-ups of surfers or even local kangaroos.

Coastal prints also offer an almost infinite amount of different angles and opportunities for viewing the beach in focus. A typical shot includes the main entrance to the beach, but this can just as easily be from the top of a sand dune, in the water, or in the passenger seat of a car passing by. It’s no wonder coastal prints of Northern Beaches are so popular; you can see your favourite from a hundred different angles and still be amazed each time.

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Drone prints and coastal prints around the Northern Beaches have never been more popular, and all signs point to them gaining even more traction. It should come as no surprise, then, that drone and coastal prints are likely to be the future of photography.


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