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Northern Beaches Drone Prints and WHY-TO-BUY!!

Drone shots are rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of photography, due to their technological invocation and, lets face it, sheer fun to use. The mobility of drones, however, are by far their biggest advantage; previously unreachable angles and heights are now within reach, thanks to drones, and this allows for unique and breathtaking prints. The Northern Beaches transfer their magnificent beauty effortlessly onto camera and are the prime example of drone print’s ability to truly capture a one-of-a-kind shot.

Can You Do Northern Beach Drone Photography Yourself?

But how exactly does someone go about getting a drone shot and is it something you can do yourself? Short answer: yes. Long answer? Well, while you certainly could learn to take a drone shot yourself, the process is complex and requires a significant investment of time and resources. This is because producing a drone print is multifaceted: not only do you have to know how to pilot the drone, but you also have to understand the process of photography and how to take a proper shot – you don’t want your one in a million shot of your favourite northern beach to be ruined by glare or a missing lens, do you?

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Drone photographers typically require a myriad of hardware: this can range from memory cards, extra propeller blades for the drone, SSD cards, propeller guards, landing pad, lens, and a seeming endless amount of batteries. ND filters too, are a absolute necessity when it comes to the Northern Beach’s intense glare. On top of this, each state in Australia has different laws that govern the use of drones and NSW’s Northern Beaches is no different.

For your convenience, some of the most prominent laws concerning drone shots are:

1. You may not fly over people (such as festivals or busy beaches) or within 30cm of people; this can make those crowded Northern Beaches shots during peak hour a tough nut to crack.

2. You may only fly one drone at a time

3. You must not fly in bad weather

4. You may not fly over 400 ft.

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Why A Professional Drone Print is Worth it:

For all these reasons it is far more convenient for you and, in most cases, more than worth your while to invest in a professionally handled drone print or coastal print of your favourite Northern Beaches. This is because an experienced photographer and drone pilot will understand the exact shot needed to completely accentuate the natural beauty of Australia’s Northern Beaches, such as symmetry and patterns in the natural landscape, leading the shot and celebrating light in each photo. This will also include handling the post-photo processing and all the software that facilitates it.

Not to mention, you get your pick of the litter: with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there no shortages of drone prints to choose from that can bring to life the splendour of the verdant Northern Beaches. When it comes to drone prints, particularly of Northern Beaches, all the specialised work is already taken care of; all you have to do is choose the beach of your dreams.


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