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  • Will Staber

Use these strategies to rank better for voice searches

Voice search is revolutionising the way users interact with search engines. To stay ahead of the curve, mastering voice search optimisation strategies is imperative.

In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of voice search optimisation, offering insights and techniques to thrive in the dynamic landscape of 2024.

Natural Language Targeting:

Voice search queries tend to be more conversational and natural compared to text-based searches. Embrace natural language targeting by optimising your content for long-tail keywords and phrases that mirror how users speak. Tailor your content to answer common questions and provide solutions to user queries.

Experiment with A/B testing different long-tail keywords and phrases to understand their impact on voice search rankings. Incorporate natural language elements into your content, such as FAQs and conversational tone, to align with user search intent. In the conversational era of 2024, speaking your audience's language is essential for voice search optimisation success.

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets play a crucial role in voice search results, often serving as the source for voice assistant responses. Optimise your content to appear in featured snippets by providing concise answers to commonly asked questions. Structure your content with clear headings and bullet points to enhance readability and extractability.

Experiment with A/B testing different content formats and structures to increase the likelihood of being featured in snippets. Focus on providing comprehensive and authoritative answers that address user queries directly. In the snippet-driven landscape of 2024, securing position zero is a strategic priority for voice search optimisation.

Conversational Content Creation:

Create content that fosters engaging dialogue with users, mimicking natural conversations. Incorporate conversational elements such as question-and-answer formats, storytelling, and interactive elements.

Encourage user interaction and feedback to enhance the conversational experience.

Experiment with A/B testing different content styles and formats to identify what resonates best with your audience. Leverage user-generated content and feedback to inform your content creation strategy. In the interactive and dialogue-driven era of 2024, creating conversational content is key to connecting with users through voice search.

Structured Data Markup:

Utilise structured data markup to provide context and enhance search engine understanding of your content. Markup elements such as markup help search engines interpret your content more effectively, increasing the chances of being surfaced in voice search results. Implement structured data for key information such as business details, events, and products.

Experiment with A/B testing different structured data markup implementations to optimise for voice search visibility.

Stay updated with changes in guidelines and best practices for structured data usage. In the schema-driven landscape of 2024, structured data markup is a foundational element for voice search optimisation.

Optimising for Local Voice Searches: Location-Based Targeting

Tap into the growing trend of local voice searches by optimising your content for location-based queries. Incorporate location-specific keywords and phrases relevant to your target audience's geographic location. Optimise your Google My Business profile and other local listings to enhance visibility in local voice search results.

Experiment with A/B testing different location-based content strategies to capture local search intent effectively. Monitor and analyse local search trends to refine your optimisation efforts continually. In the location-centric landscape of 2024, optimising for local voice searches is essential for connecting with nearby users through voice-enabled devices.

Voice search optimisation strategies in 2024 demand a blend of natural language targeting, featured snippets, conversational content creation, structured data markup, and local voice search optimisation.

By mastering these techniques, you can unlock the full potential of voice search and enhance your brand's visibility and relevance in the evolving digital landscape.

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Will Staber, Digital Marketing Strategist


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