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  • Will Staber

TikTok Keywords For Northern Beaches Businesses in 2023

As TikTok continues to skyrocket in popularity around the world, it's becoming an increasingly important platform for businesses to reach new audiences and connect with customers.

One of the key strategies for success on TikTok is to target the right keywords to ensure that your content is being seen by the right people. Today we'll explore which keywords you need to target on TikTok in 2023.

1. Niche-specific keywords:

TikTok has a wide range of content niches, from fashion and beauty to gaming and sports. Our suggestion, understand them. Deep dive what types of content work well in your niche and then idenify high performing keywords that align with them.

To reach your target audience, it's important to use niche-specific keywords that are relevant to your content. For example, if you're a fashion brand, you could use keywords like "fashion trends" or "outfit ideas" to reach people interested in fashion.

2. Trending keywords:

TikTok is known for its viral trends and challenges, and using trending keywords can help your content get in on the action. Keep an eye on the "Discover" page to see what's trending and consider using related keywords in your content.

Whilst it can be temping to be the one making waves, riding them certainly has it's advantages too. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

3. Hashtags:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Hashtags ARE keywords.

Hashtags are a key part of TikTok's search function, and using relevant hashtags can help your content get discovered by users who are interested in your niche. Consider using a mix of popular and niche-specific hashtags to ensure that your content is being seen by the right people.

4. Branded keywords:

If you have a strong brand presence on TikTok, consider targeting branded keywords to help users find your content. This could include using your brand name or related keywords that are associated with your brand.

The more people posting content under your hashtags, the greater stake you have in pushing your way onto the 'for you' page of new users.

5. Location-specific keywords:

If you're a local business or targeting a specific geographic area, using location-specific keywords can help you reach users in your target area.

For example, if you're a restaurant on the Northern Beaches, using keywords like "Northern Beaches food" or "Manly dining" can help you reach local customers.

6. User-generated content keywords:

TikTok is all about user-generated content, and using keywords that encourage user participation can help your content go viral. Consider using keywords like "duet with me" or "show me your version" to encourage users to create their own content based on your original video.

Targeting the right keywords on TikTok in 2023 is a fantastic method for businesses to connect with new audiences and drive engagement on the platform.

By focusing on niche-specific, trending, branded, location-specific, and user-generated content keywords, you can ensure that your content is being seen by the right people and increase your chances of going viral on TikTok.

As with any social media platform, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and features to ensure that your content is relevant and engaging to your target audience.

Shoot us an email at or schedule a call through our website to learn more about growing on TikTok and how we can help your business elevate itself in the digital space.

Will Staber

Digital Marketing Strategist


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