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  • Will Staber

Why Reels Are Getting More Reach in 2023 On Facebook and Insta

If you're looking to turbocharge your presence on Facebook and Instagram, there's a funky tool in town that's stealing the show – Reels! These snappy, attention-snagging video snippets are your golden ticket to racking up some serious eyeballs. Buckle up as we unravel why Reels are the life of the party when it comes to boosting your reach.

1. The Algorithm Groove

Picture this: Facebook and Instagram's algorithms dancing to the beat of engagement. Guess what? Reels hit that groove like nobody's business. These quickfire, visually-dazzling clips light up the algorithm's radar for their knack of keeping users glued to their screens.

Pro Tip: Jazz up your Reels with on-trend sounds, wild transitions, and catch those viral challenges for some algorithmic applause.

2. Bites of Awesomeness

Time to get real – attention spans are shrinking faster than ice cream on a hot day. That's where Reels come in – these mini-masterpieces fit right into those nanoseconds of spare time we all have. They're like a snack pack of entertainment, ready to be devoured in seconds.

Pro Tip: Cook up Reels that dish out quick tips, sneak peeks behind the scenes, or stories that'll leave 'em wanting more.

3. Unleash Your Inner Creative Beast

If there's a red carpet for creativity, Reels would be strutting down it. With filters, effects, and editing tools that are the life of the party, you can create captivating stories that grab attention and keep it hooked.

Pro Tip: Let your creative freak flag fly high! Experiment with effects, mix up transitions, and unleash your inner Spielberg.

4. Trend Rider and Discoverability Ninja

Ever heard of a party crasher being the life of the party? Reels do just that. When you hop on trending challenges or pump up your content with popular sounds, you're riding the wave of discoverability like a pro surfer.

Pro Tip: Dive into trending challenges and sounds – it's like scoring a backstage pass to the spotlight.

5. The "OMG, That's So Me" Vibe

Who doesn't love a brand that's relatable and entertaining? Reels let you flaunt your brand's playful side, building connections that go beyond pixels and screens.

Pro Tip: Showcase your team's quirks, share a hilarious office mishap, or drop a dose of inspiration – it's the antidote to the mundane.

6. Shareability MVP

Imagine your content as a campfire story that everyone wants to retell. Reels, with their bite-sized charm, are inherently shareable. You betcha, viewers are more likely to hit that "Send to Friends" button when they're loving what they see.

Pro Tip: Slide in a sneaky call-to-action to nudge viewers to spread the love.

7. The Kaleidoscope of Content

Reels aren't just a one-trick pony; they're a whole darn circus! From education to inspiration, humor to promos, these mini-blockbusters embrace every flavor of content.

Pro Tip: Mix and match your Reels lineup to cater to the varied tastes of your audience. Keep 'em guessing what's coming next.

8. The Early Bird's Secret Weapon

Psst, here's a little secret – Reels are the new kid on the block, and Facebook and Instagram are going all-out to introduce them with a bang. Being an early adopter is like RSVPing to the coolest party in town.

Pro Tip: Get ahead of the curve and start rolling out those Reels – you'll be the trailblazer everyone's talking about.

In a Nutshell

Get ready to turn up the volume on your Facebook and Instagram game with Reels. They're not just videos – they're your backstage pass to a world of engagement, discoverability, and digital swagger.

So, jump in, get creative, and let your Reels set the stage for a social media spectacle that's impossible to ignore

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Will Staber

Digital Marketing Strategist


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